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1.  Our policy

As a provider of marketing at retail products for hundreds of businesses in the Asia Pacific region, we understand we can help make a difference with the products we source and supply as well as the way we operate our business. We invest in a sustainable future through making significant changes to our business operations because we know that to sustain our business, we also need to make the right decisions by the environment.

At SPOS we focus on our own product as well as on the whole chain of stakeholders from shopfitter to retailer. We understand that all parties should be taken into account in creating ecological solutions that benefit us all. This is how we can help reduce our own carbon footprint and also reduce the footprint of our clients, giving them a competitive edge.

Our sustainability policy covers a number of initiatives such as making sure that the products we provide are produced while taking responsibility for the environment and reducing our usage of packaging. We also conduct every year many industry events on developing sustainable solutions within our market for our clients.

2.  Our initiatives

SPOS has been a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant since July 2008. As such, we are implementing the following initiatives to help us meet the performance goals of the Covenant and share responsibility for our packaging over its lifecycle from design to disposal:

  • Optimise packaging with consideration to efficient use of resources, product protection, safety and hygiene
  • Have systems in place to efficiently recover resources
  • Inform our consumers about how to use and dispose of our packaging
  • Demonstrate how our actions contribute to these goals
  • Demonstrate improvement in our packaging management through our annual report and action plan.

We agreed to adopt and implement the Environmental Code of Practice (ECoPP) which embraces:

  • Source reduction
  • Re-use of packaging
  • Recover and recycle principle
  • Recycled content
  • Minimum impact of packaging
  • Reduction of propensity for litter
  • Consumer education.

Sustainability initiatives achieved

  • Launched our sustainability policy which relates to our workplace and also undertook several new initiatives in the warehouse to reduce packaging and waste
  • Converted to using 100 per cent recycled copy paper 
  • Introduced a ‘think before you ink’ policy reducing our purchasing of paper and toner
  • Introduced a soft plastic recycling service in our warehouse to recycle plastic pallet wrap halving the number of general rubbish collections and reducing the amount of rubbish going into landfill
  • Paper, cardboard, glass and kitchen container waste is recycled and we reuse supplier packaging where possible
  • Other initiatives investigated include switching to ‘e-bubble’ bubble wrap which contains 30 per cent recycled packaging

3.  Market place

SPOS has an environmental management system in place and constantly tries to engage clients and suppliers to be responsible for their impact on the environment. Wherever possible, SPOS employs the services of suppliers that carry ISO14001 certification for international environmental management standards. ISO14001 provides a framework for an organisation to identify and manage the environmental impact of its activities, products and services, and to improve its environmental performance continually.

For more information on environmental best practice strategies and principles to improve the environmental impacts of products, visit www.popai.co.uk and go to the Green Project (G2).


SPOS has made steps to reduce its carbon footprint by packing efficiently and effectively minimising the amount of pallets used in distribution. We are currently researching ‘green’ freight and always exploring opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. 


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